Creating a private style and brand that is entirely your own...

Working directly with handpicked artisans, artists and stockists.



***Please note that the logo and branding featured here on this website for Dune Side have been fabricated exclusively to show our services. We will never publicize or promote the private brands we work with. To view public designs and other brands we have created that are not private, along with some of the businesses we source our materials from, please visit

Breakwater Design and Consulting LLC, known for the creation of individually designed local brands, is now offering private and personal services to estate managers and property owners.

Streamline your residence with an original brand, completely your own. Working with handpicked artisans, artists and stockists, we not only find high-end, hard to come-by items, but also ensure quality design standards. By branding your property, we create an organized environment for the home and relieve you of the maintenance and quality control. We also work with residences that already have pre-existing brands to evaluate future needs.

Please fill out our form or call us today, 631.235.2809.

All correspondence and information is kept completely confidential.